SEWA (Social Empowerment through Work Education and Action) an endeavour by CBSE is a program that aims to focus on the mental, emotional and social health of a student.

SEWA aims to develop a whole person in their intellectual, personal, social, emotional and social growth. Learners engaged in this program are expected to be life-long learners and develop as active citizens and caring and compassionate humans through experiential learning. The experiential and constructive modes of learning emphasize the immediate personal experience of the learner and view learning as a process. SEWA takes learning beyond the walls of the classroom and sometimes even beyond the boundaries of the school, building bridges with the authentic and real world in meaningful and positive ways.

SEWA is an integral component of Health & Physical Education. SEWA aims to focus on the mental/emotional and social health of the child. All students of classes IX & X need to participate in SEWA program around the year. SEWA has been designed to integrate social awareness into the regular curriculum of the students. The activities conducted ‘in school’ as part of Eco-clubs, Literary Clubs etc. , Sports or ‘out of school’ as community outreach activities etc. considered as Social Empowerment activities. Students were given a small role as ‘volunteer’ and a ‘contributor’ to running an entire project over the year. Social Empowerment activities are bound to germinate some thought process in young minds.