School magazine

TGM releases a school magazine 'Inspire' every year which exhibits the creative, literary, imaginative and artistic skills of the students. It is a reflection of the cumulative effort and teamwork of the students and teachers aiming at perfection.

Class Magazine & Newsletter

Students of classes LKG to X make their own class magazine as it gives opportunity to students to express their views and ideas freely thus enabling them to develop their creative talents.

Each club releases a miniature of newspaper which contains yearly events and activities of each club. Debuggers club newsletter 'BITS and BYTES', Science club newsletter 'The Boffin Bullets', Social & Heritage club newsletter 'Social Express', Literary club newsletter 'Litero'. Maths club newsletter 'One 2 One', Blooms club newsletter 'Blooms and Buds', Eco & Health club newsletter 'Green living', Sunhara club newsletter 'Khel- Khiladi', Igniters club newsletter 'Rhythm'

PRIDORA - Celebrating Child's Love of Learning

Class Magazine, Grade 5A (2022-23)

School Magazine - Inspire 2018

School Magazine - Inspire 2017

School Magazine - Inspire 2015