All students and staff members participate in the morning assembly. All students along with teachers assemble class-wise in the designated places according to their class for the morning assembly.

During the assembly, all students are observed for the proper decorum and solemnity befitting the occasion. After the prayer, pledge-taking, announcements, short speeches by students/teachers, birthday celebration etc., the regular classes for the day start.

To give importance to the study and usage of our National Language, as well as our Mother Tongue, it is decided by the Management to conduct School Assembly in Malayalam on all Tuesdays, and in Hindi on all Thursdays. On all Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, assembly will be conducted in English.

To update students with the day to day happenings, newspaper reading is encouraged through activities like news delivery on the spot, quiz based on newspaper articles etc. which will enhance their general knowledge. Mass PT exercises are conducted in the assembly to maintain health and physical development of the students and to increase their energy levels. Each class will host the assembly at least once in an academic year. As per the importance of the days, assemblies will be hosted by the clubs also.