School Events

Calandra-Arts Fest

The arts fest 'Calandra'' is an yearly opportunity for budding artists of TGM school to showcase their talents. Variety competitions are conducted and the winners will get the opportunity to participate in Sahodaya competitions. As the part of arts fest, Logo competitions are also conducted and the winning team can participate in Sahodaya Sargasangamam logo competition. TGM students were the winners of logo competition for the last few years.

Torrrance - Sports Fest

The annual Sport Fest 'Torrance' is an event that promotes teamwork, co-operation and camaraderie among students as well as teachers and staff. It aims at sharpening the sports competencies of students and the value of unity. The Sports Fest is expected to strengthen the bond of students and at the same time it imparts the value of sportsmanship in them. "In the end we still need to remember that it's not whether you win or lose. Its how you played the game, not just about the result but how you gave your best. It's not just about the certificates, medals, and trophies we received, but about the values of teamwork, and camaraderie that we developed throughout the event".

Winners will get the opportunity to participate in Sahodaya sports competitions and CBSE sports competitions.The higher class students are given the opportunity to co-ordinate the pre-primary and primary classes’ sports meet.

Bizarre - Exhibition

Innovation comes out of great human ingenuity and extremely flaming passions. The clubs of TGM together organise the school exhibition- Bizarre with variety of stalls which include live science experiment stalls, still and working model stalls, food stalls, craft and things out of waste material stalls, math stalls, music stalls, history stalls, nature stalls with bio experiments, vegetable carving displays, clay modelling etc. and also it includes books exhibition which displays the drawings, rare books, school magazines, newsletters, class magazinesetc.

There will be special stalls for puppetry show, artificial forest, 3D film theatre etc. Around 13 stalls are arranged as the part of exhibition. Parents, students of nearby schools and invited guests will get an opportunity to visit the stalls. Our students have secured the awards for best stall, still model etc. In the Sahodaya science competition which is held every year.


Diakonia is a set of social service and community outreach programme conducted as the joint participation of red crass cadets and social club members. One of the major milestones in the field of social service activity is survey in the field of Learning Disabilities in coordination with WHO and indeed it was very successful. In association with Thalayolaparambu police station, TGM has organized a survey, road show, street play on the Topic "No to Tobacco".

The third major activity was based on the topic Cancer and Junk food. Students conducted survey in the Vaikom Taluk and based on the survey they organized awareness campaign programme, street play road show etc. As a part of this, Christmas and New year gifts were sponsored to the in-patients of Paediatric oncology of Regional Cancer centre Trivandrum.

TGM also organized Blood donation camps, medical camps, distributing study materials to the children of Boys home in the locality, contribution to the palliative care centre in the locality, food to old age home and also the doors of TGM were opened for the sufferers of recent flood in Kerala.

The school has received the Best School Award in the Vaikom Taluk based on its contribution in the area of education, extra-curricular and social service activities.

School Parliament

In TGM, a group of pupils are elected by their peers to represent the views of all pupils and to improve their school. A cabinet will be elected from this parliament. Some of these children hold titles such as School leader, Deputy leader, House captains, Deputy captains, Club leaders, class leaders and deputy leaders etc. The School Parliament meetings are held once in every half-term to discuss and sort out their problems.

The members of the School Parliament are responsible for organising the school programmes, maintain discipline, inviting and welcoming Chief guests for the program, making necessary arrangements for the programmes etc. The parliament keeps evolving to be a very effective one, it does mean that every child learns a lot from taking part of it and also helps to develop the leadership skills, communication skills, creativity, flexibility, social skills of the students which are most important in 21st century skills.

Euphoria-Annual Day

Euphoria-the annual day function is usually conducted in the month of December. The entire school participates wholeheartedly towards the success of this grand event. The colourful cultural programme is presented meticulously by the students. The journey of this talent ceremony showcases all types of dances – both Indian and Western and the rich cultural heritage of Kerala.

The School’s Annual Report of the Academic Session is presented at the function by the respected Principal and it is included the achievements of the school since its inception and also highlights of the mile stones achieved during the last academic session.

To felicitate and recognize the talents of the students in different fields like academics and extra-curricular activities, the students are given away prizes. It is considered as year-end get together programme of parents, students, and management and staff.

Rendezvous - Alumni Meet

It is a gala day for the pass out students who are eagerly waiting to come back to their TGM family. TGM family provides a lifetime opportunity for them to engage with the school, to connect with their old classmates and also the present students are able to network with alumni whom they haven’t even met.

Alumni students are given opportunity to interact with the juniors, perform programs for juniors. Alumni meeting is conducted every year and President and secretary are elected for monitoring the function of the group. What’s app group is maintained to assist them with job opportunities, training and development and moral support. This extends the concept of TGM family even after passing out from TGM.

Blooms Day - Graduation Ceremony

"Your graduation is a milestone in your life."

It is not the end; it is the beginning. TGM sets up a Graduation Ceremony for the UKG students every year.

The tiny tots of UKG are donned themselves elegantly in their Graduation Robes and hats. They march embracing the warm memories of the past besides clasping big dreams for the future. Students as well as the parents look on to the graduation ceremony with a sense of achievement and pride as an academic grade is conferred.

Selfies, group photos, family photos are kept as sweet memories for them in their future life. The ceremony also makes the feel that they have grown up to face the new challenges in life and they will be ready to accept the changes coming forth in their new classes.

The lower kindergarten kids are given an opportunity to amuse the audience with their fabulous dance performances. The graduation ceremony is an inspiration for lower kindergarten also.

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam - TGM Family day

The parents are special people who possess immense patience to bring up their child in the best possible ways. Thus we celebrate Family Day by giving a platform for parents and grandparents to showcase their inborn talents and to perform individual or family group programs to bond the concept of TGM family. This provides them memorable moments in their busy schedule.

Tastes- Food Fest

Cooking with love provides food for the soul!

Food day is conducted every year to provide the students with knowledge and instructions in the basic culinary skills. Special focus and trainings are given to higher classes to have them well equipped with the art of cooking in addition to the completion of their schooling. Food fest ‘Tastes’ is a fun-filled occasion. The main objective behind the event is to make the children aware of the names of various food items and the cultures they come from.

The children not only brings the cuisines but also displays the different items which reflects the culture of a particular state. Live food stalls also get arranged by higher class students. Every student and parent actively participate in the fest. Students get an opportunity to arrange food for the parents and also they are trained to explain the benefits of each food item.