Go Green Campaign

Salad Day

The students are given opportunity to prepare vegetable and fruit salads on two days in a week. They can have the same during lunch break with their friends. Salad days are celebrated on different themes like tropical fruit salad, nuts and fruit salad, honey and fruits salad, fruit salad, vegetable salad, sprouted seeds salad etc. to ensure a healthy diet for the students. The green leaves ingredients like foxtail millet, green gram, wheat, tulsi etc. in a salad are grown by the students themselves in their classroom garden. The class also works together to grow herbs in the garden. The herbs will be a nice addition to their salad dressing.

Veg Lunch

The students are encouraged to bring more veg curries so as to ensure their proper health. Class teachers have their lunch with the students and they ensure that the food brought by the student is fully eaten.