The House system aims to give students an identity and sense of pride in a supportive, secure environment. The Houses provide positive competition and a closer rapport between students and teachers. It also aims to help new staff and students adapt to the culture of TGM School. The idea is not merely to compete, but to celebrate each one’s presence in the School, overall growth and development in a healthy environment. Each house will impart some Principles of Life, leading for the general development of the students. TGM School has the name of Four Birds as its House Names.

The House system is designed to reflect and enhance the Virtues for life .Virtues are the essence of our character and character does indeed determine destiny. The more we recognize the potential impact that practicing virtues can have on our lives, the more our lives open up to new possibilities and to greater joy and fulfilment. Each house represent one virtues like

Brown Falcon

Blue Macaw

White Saras

Golden Orioles