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TGM Vidyaniketan is managed by MGAT.  Various committees have been constituted as per the CBSE Affiliation Bye Laws and are empowered to make policies and to take decisions with the consent of all the members in the matters coming under in jurisdiction of the committee.

  • School Management Committee
  • School Protection Committee
  • Anti- narcotics committee
  • Sexual Harassment committee
  • Grievance Redressal Committee
  • Forest Committee
  • Alumni Association
  • Staff Club

Faculty Details

#NameQualificationDepartment / DesignationTrainings Attended
1Rev. Fr. Justin P ThomasB.Sc B.EdPrincipal-2
2Rejitha V.CM.A B.EdEnglish175
3Reshma RaveendranB.A B.EdEnglish104
4Kavya K MuraliB. Sc B.EdMathematics386
5Dhanya V.NM.A B.EdMalayalam94
6Sudha SB. Sc B.EdMathematics14
7Dhanya T.HM.A B.EdMalayalam54
8Dhanya T.SM.A B.EdHindi104
9Ajithakumari VB.Com PraveenHindi166
10Thara KB.Sc B.EdScience144
11Soly P JM. Sc B.EdScience14
12Resmy O.SB.Sc B.EdScience54
13Reshmi V.SM.A B.EdSocial Science54
14Aswathy K AM.A B.EdSocial Science14
15Reshma T.RM.Sc Computer ScienceInformation Technology205
16Manjusha MM.A COPA PGDCA BLISInformation Technology436
17Jayasree SNTTCKindergarten114
18Hima MadhuB.Com B.EdEnglish14
19Nidheesh P MB. A B.P.EdPhysical Education12
20Anitha K.RB.A NTTC BLISLibrarian238
21Rev. Fr. Dr. Thomas ChakiriyilM.Sc Counselling Psychology Ph. DWellness & Counselling-2

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