Transportation & Safety

Transporation Facility

TGM provides school bus facility for the students. All our school buses have the GPS tracking and emergency alarm system. Drivers are provided with training by traffic police department every year. Police verifications and medical checkup of the drivers are done on yearly basis.

Student's Safety

TGM also ensures the safety of the students by:

  • Biometric Punching System and Attendance marking system:
    Daily attendance is marked in the School app and also there is a provision for parents to counter check the child’s attendance in the school app.
  • 24hrs CCTV Camera Surveillance:
    All the classrooms and Campus are occupied with CCTV Camera which is installed for students' safety and security.
  • Escort Pass:
    The Parents are provided with an Escort pass at the time of admission itself. Parents need to come with the Pass if they need to take the child during the school hours.
  • Register System:
    Entry register is maintained in the school office so as to keep the details of the visitors, their personal details and the purpose of visit.