Digitalized library with around 4000 books.

Books are keys to wisdom’s treasure,
Books are gates to lands of pleasure.

The School has well equipped computerized library , with over 4000 volumes( in English ,Malayalam & Hindi language) which include books, videos, DVDs, CDs, subscription to periodicals which are added to continually. The library also provides students and teachers with a range of reference books, encyclopaedia, journals and newspapers to enrich their classroom activities and knowledge. All new books are arranged on a display table in the library for a month and the reviews are put up on the Notice Board. Our specially trained Librarian organizes the Library week with book readings, designing book jackets & book marks and writing book reviews.

To encourage the reading habit ,the students are encouraged to contribute a book on reading week and on their birth day and make them encourage their friends to read that books.

Library periods are provided for the students and make them write the review of the books they have read. Books discussions are conducted in the assembly to promote reading.

Every year, literary club introduces 10 writers to students and encourages them to read the books of concerned writers available in the library.