Value Added Program

The Awakened Citizen Programme - Value Education Programme

Values such as harmony, peace, compassion and humility have for centuries been a part of the discourse of every society of the world and their need and importance is universally accepted and felt. This programme is a three year graded Values Education programme for students of class 6, 7 and 8. The Awakened Citizen Programme’ acknowledges the potential of young learners and empowers them to harness their infinite strength and goodness and provides them a path to develop into enlighten citizens. It offers a wide variety and enables them to explore and develop universal values. This Comprehensive Values Education Programme reiterates our traditional values and simultaneously emphasizes on universal values. Vision is to enable the development of Awakened future citizens by allowing them to discover a Value System for themselves.

Vocational Course

Computer Science as a subject has been provided from Class 1 onwards. From Class 6 onwards it has been provided as vocational course, Information Technology. Information Technology (IT- 402) as Vocational course at secondary level in class IX (Level-1) and class X (level-2). In the present day of globalized competition, Information Technology plays a significant role.

Information Technology (IT) has created a revolution in every field and enabled students towards progressive learning. To enable students towards progressive learning CBSE equip the students with specialized vocational training.

Vocational course (Information Technology - 402) and Value Education program (Awakened Citizen Program) are incorporated with curriculum.